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With a fast growing network of qualified professionals ‘Kenwood’ is able to provide services in almost all major locations & Cities of India. Our services can be provided to Suppliers place, Clients place or any other site locations.

Our service includes ‘Visit based assignment’ for random type of work and ‘Resident based assignment’ for continuation of short or long period.

Inspection Services

‘Kenwood’ can provide Inspection services as Third party as well as second party. We are covering Inspection activities at:

  • Vendors premises
  • Clients Premises
  • Site premises
  • Mill Premises (Plate / Pipe / Forging / Tube mill / Metal Structures / FRP)

  • We are providing services starting with Quality documentation review and approval to Stage inspection to Final inspection of Product.

    As we understand the criticality of Informative and timely reporting, we are putting an extensive importance to reporting as well as Inspection. We are providing reports in our format or if provided in Clients format. We always include a summary to review report as a glance by client & in-depth details of activities performed for understanding of inspection conducted.

    Wherever client needs or we feel necessary for better understanding to client, we are providing digital photographs also with report. With maintaining timely submission of report we are always making a precise report by screening with the help of two different inspectors.

    Expediting Services

    Now a day’s all the upcoming projects are getting more and more with tight schedule, expediting activity has also become a heart of the project. Expediting is very much essential element in the project to avoid the possibility of delay or to improve the delivery schedule.

    We always believe that expediting is to support the Client as well as supplier, by identifying the bottle necks and by filling the communication gap between Client and supplier, Supplier and Engineering Consultant, Supplier and sub-vendor, and all this ending with on time completion of project.

    These services can be provided in two manners:

    Field expediting – In this kind of service, expediting visit is required at specific milestones or according to a frequency established by the customers, or suggested by the field expeditors. During this visits expeditor will compare all stages as Engineering, Procurement of material, Production cycle and Delivery with specified or fixed schedule by Client. Expeditor will update the client regarding any bottlenecks or hold at vendors place and suggest any further action required to expedite the project completion on time.

    Full time or Residence base Expediting – These activities will provide client with continuous in-depth progress reports and information on any actions taken by the expediter to sort out any problems or to avoid any anticipated bottlenecks with the help of client officials. For full-time expediting needs,

    our dedicated expediter will ensure a steady flow of information is transparent and efficient.

    Vendor Assessment and Development Services

    Vendor Assessment and Identification:

    ‘Kenwood’ will help the client to identify the supplier and product by doing Assessment of vendor on various parameters such as Deliverability, capacity of Production, Quality, Past History, Technological Tools Employed, Manpower skill matrix etc. This assessment can be done as per our internal method and can be done as per Client specific procedure and Formats also. On the basis of assessment outcomes we suggest you most preferable Vendors to work with.

    Vendor Development

    As you decide to source any product or material, we will work with your project team to ensure a successful product development process. We will liaison and transfer knowledge between you and your supplier throughout the entire process. Final assurance to client in all factors including quality, delivery, and packaging will be considered to provide a high quality product with on time delivery.

    As a part of vendor development following are the actions we are taking:

  • Support and help vendor to understand the PO & Study Client Specification requirement with respect to their products.
  • Provide technical support to vendor to develop quality documents as QAP, ITP, NDT Procedures, Other process related procedures, WPS/PQR/WPQ etc.
  • Provide technical support to Vendor in maintaining Stage & Final Quality Documents for Client review.
  • Manpower Consulting

    With the team of our associate engineers and database of experienced professionals, we are providing qualified and experienced personnel for placement on short and long term projects and assignments to Inside and outside of INDIA. Our effort is to respond fast and effectively to provide clients with the resources they need to meet their project requirements.

    We can provide project staffs for Inspection, Expediting, Mechanical Drafting & NDT.

    NDT Consulting

    We are providing Various basic NDT services as detailed below, with our manpower and Equipments as listed. We help our client to develop NDT procedures with our Level-II and Level – III experts.

    Sr. No.




    Ultrasonic testing

    Einstein-DGS,  Einstein-II TFT,  MSL-32


    Magnetic particle testing

    Prod type 2000amps (EEE make ) Yoke type (SIMS make )


    Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

    Thickness Measurement machine (Modsonic Make)


    Dye Penetrant testing

    With Material as Specified by Client


    Hardness testing

    Hardness Tester (Blue Star Make )


    Paint Inspection

    DFT Meter

    Engineering Drawings

    Mechanical Drawing Services

    We are providing services for Detailed Manufacturing Drawing for various types of components & Fabrication drawing for Critical Heat exchanger, Columns, Structures etc.

    2D/3D CAD Drafting

    We are providing comprehensive range of Mechanical CAD Drafting and detailed 2D/3D Drawings services at competitive price.

    Hard copy of Paper to CAD Drawing

    We are providing precision paper to CAD conversion and drafting services. We are capable of converting your existing paper copies into electronic CAD files. The paper copy drawings are 100% manually drafted into CAD to match the original sheets. All CAD files are drafted at full-scale, dimensionally accurate and 100% line connections.

    Sketches and preliminary drawings to CAD Drawing

    We can understand and convert hand sketches, complex paper drawings, hand scribbles and survey notes into CAD drawings.

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